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Conscious Sedation



Dental anxiety is a problem for many people.  In my years as a dentist it is the one issue that comes up time and time again. So, as promised to many of you, I have completed the SAAD (Society for Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry) National Course in Conscious Sedation.  This has enabled me to carry out your treatment under conscious sedation here at the practice, to help make your experience with us a more pleasant one." 

Tara Martin



Here at Tara Martin Dental Care we offer a simple and easy way to help you face your fear of the dentist. We believe that addressing dental issues with a sympathetic approach will help you get over your fear. Conscious Sedation is just one method to try to help to control the patient’s anxiety. Tara believes that by making the patient less anxious, receiving treatment will be more of a pleasant experience.


What is Conscious Sedation?

This is a modern alternative to the general anaesthesia. The intravenous sedation will make you feel sleepy and relaxed during your dental treatment.  Most patients who have had their treatment carried out under conscious sedation have said that they have little or no recollection of the procedure. It is perfectly safe and does not affect any part of your memory before the drug is given. You will benefit hugely from conscious sedation if you are extremely nervous - it will help you cope with dental treatment and help reduce your anxiety.


Before and during the procedure

During your treatment, Tara or Catrin will explain all treatment and make sure you are fully aware of what treatment is being carried out during your time under sedation. The dental nurse will take your blood pressure several times during the treatment along with monitoring your breathing throughout.

A small cannula will be placed in your arm and the sedation drug will be administered, while the dental team make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable.  After the treatment has been carried out the dental team will start your recovery process and inform your escort that everything is ok. You will probably feel a bit sleepy and forgetful for the next 8 hours following your treatment.


Please be assured that the dentist will not discharge you from here care until she feels happy that you are fully recovered.  We also require that you have a chaperone with you for the rest of the day and they must attend for you to be dicharged into their care.