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Root Canal Treatment

Most people have heard of root canal treatment, but what is it and what do I need to know ?

The most important question, “Will it hurt?”

The simple answer is no. A local anaesthetic will be used the process will feel no different to having a normal filling except that it will take longer. It will also usually be carried out over 2 visits. In recent years this is one particular area of dentistry that has made major advances.

Final restoration of the tooth is also important and it may be recommended that a crown is subsequently placed on the tooth. This will protect the tooth from further damage. It also helps to seal the root filling from any further contamination.

Occasionally a RCT may be particularly difficult and it may be recommended that you see a specialist. Our preferred root canal specialist is Sanjeev Bhanderi who operates in Cheadle in Cheshire. Root canal treatment is generally quoted as being around 90% successful.

For any further information please contact the practice.

Advice leaflets from the British Dental Health Foundation or the British Dental Association can be posted to you on request.